CSR Statement


 Prolimax vision is to be considered the partner of choice for leading technology manufacturers, offering innovative solutions for the profitable and eco-efficient management of their product streams and control of their marketplace, while creating sustainable value and satisfaction for their customers. Our company services have a very positive global value add to the environment.

Prolimax Group operates across numerous international markets and a diverse range of cultures and regulatory requirements. Prolimax believes that its decentralized management structure enables it to operate in such a way that best respects local customs and conforms to all relevant legislation.

 Prolimax employees are diverse and multi-cultural from whose collective talents, we believe, the Group derives a competitive advantage. Prolimax encourages all members of staff to be good corporate citizens and to strive to become economic, intellectual and social assets within their local communities.

Prolimax policy is to conduct all our business operations to best industry standards and practices. Integrity is a core element of the company’s business and operational competency model. A key feature of this is that all business interactions will be discharged in a socially responsible manner.

Companies within the Group are encouraged to adopt socially responsible business policies and practices that equally balance the interests of customers, employees, suppliers, business partners and local communities.

Prolimax is fully committed to equal opportunity for all employees irrespective of gender, marital status, family status, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability or race.