Prolimax is a technology solutions provider.

Prolimax was created with a simple vision:

“get the maximum value out of your product”.
product lifecycle maximisation = pro li max.


Our Solutions

Prolimax offers value add solutions that enable customers to get maximum value from their products
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Latest news

SME – 2016 – Manufacturing Expo & Industry 4.0 Seminar

MBX Expands Custom Server Appliance Manufacturing to Europe

Music On Hold (MOH) & message announcement systems
EMEA Distribution agreement with Interalia
TRG opens new European Distribution Centre in Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Prolimax in strategic alliance with  IJS Global

Interalia’s European expansion in partnership with Prolimax

Prolimax joins Holland International Distribution Council (HIDC)

MBX Expands EU Logistics & Support Services for Custom Server Appliances
New Partnership with Prolimax Enables Finished OEM/ISV Systems To Be Stocked In The Netherlands for Next-Day EU Delivery; Will Also Cover RMA, Return Logistics & More