Lifecycle Management

Prolimax supports the installed base with a flexible range of hardware and software solutions that provide effective and affordable alternatives with lifecycle management.

Our solutions deal with the challenges typically encountered by end users on products approaching end of life;

  • Concerns over sustained availability of platforms
  • Concerns regarding migration issues (technical & software)
  • Migration costs – hardware & software
  • Process impacts – training and reliability
  • End of service life support

With our expertise, we structure a choice of solutions that can deliver;

  • Stable product supply and support
  • Minimal impact to end user environment
  • Potential to stay on existing software
  • Opportunity to avoid last time buy scenarios
  • Extended availability beyond normal service life (negotiated)
  • Outsourced expertise for hardware & software (e.g. porting) capabilities via our Partner’s

Prolimax enables our clients to have control over their lifecycle requirements so that their platform decisions are not driven by OEM or channel partner criteria.