Data Erasure Services

“The amount of digital information stored on computers / laptops these days is staggering. It’s everything from payment data used to buy products from an online retailer, personal photos and videos to confidential payroll records and classified government documents.

It’s the responsibility of the original user or owner to properly sanitize their equipment before it’s traded in, resold, donated or discarded. If individuals simply rely on others to take care of protecting their data, that’s just irresponsible. Similarly, if businesses take a lax approach or don’t monitor how, when and where all of the data from their equipment is removed before it’s discarded, reused or recycled and if they fail to obtain actual verification that all data has been removed permanently, it’s just as irresponsible and can cause serious financial, legal and reputational damage”. (Blancco Technology Report June 2016)

Prolimax provides IT asset disposition (ITAD) service enabling our clients to dispose of obsolete or redundant equipment in a safe and ecologically responsible manner. As part of our service we deploy Blancco Data Erasure software.

By utilising Blancco software, we ensure all data from your IT Assets are securely and completely destroyed prior to remarketing or recycling. Data erased by Blancco is permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

This in turn allows the IT Asset to be safely remarketed without any risk of retaining customer residual data, protecting against fraud and loss of sensitive company information.

We use Blancco 5 for hard drives and Blancco Mobile 5 for mobility products. Blancco’s software is certified in both Europe and the US by independent test and evaluation institutions and meets the demands of leading data wiping standards on the market today.

Our solution for desktops, laptops, servers and storage environments, as well as mobility products, provides total peace of mind to our clients for the security of their data. A fully comprehensive post-erasure report provides proof of data deletion. These are digitally-signed detailed erasure reports enabled by enhanced hardware detection and contain extensive erasure information, including HDD details for seamless audit procedures.

Any hard disk drives or data bearing devices that cannot be successfully wiped or are not suitable for remarketing, are destroyed by shredding in a certified Recycling process. A ‘Certificate of Destruction’ is issued after every shredding process as proof that secure physical destruction of confidential material has been completed.

Prolimax data wiping service gives our customers peace of mind that their data has been securely erased. We are able to provide data erasure services for all types and quantities of devices, on site at our client’s premises or at our processing facility in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.


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