Tailor Made

Should you require something special that you believe we do not cover, get in touch with us, and we will work together to fulfill your requirements. Whether it involves an extensive supply chain business or just a quick rework project, we can provide a competitive solution designed per your specification.

Enter Europe

Prolimax can be your partner for setting up an infrastructure in Europe. Companies seeking a quick, smooth and seamless entry into Europe for any supply chain related activities have to look no further.
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Technology Solutions

Prolimax has a broad and diverse range of solutions. Our main activities can be structured under:


Prolimax solutions offer clients new & refurbished IT equipment worldwide.

As the rate of technological change continues to accelerate, the management of IT infrastructures has increasingly become a more arduous, complex task. Long-term planning is almost impossible as technology is superseded with alarming frequency.

At Prolimax, our commitment to innovation & customer choice means that we recognise the need to support and enhance the IT decisions made by our customers. Our solutions offering supports all needs – from Appliance servers, Mobility products, Message announcement systems, Data protection, Manufacturing, System integration – to supplying 30 year old memory for your installed base server.

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