Quality Policy

Prolimax aims to achieve and sustain excellence in all our activities and be regarded by our customers as the ‘best-in-class’ choice for quality products and services.

Prolimax shall produce and supply superior quality products and services and maintain credibility in the market for the quality of our products and services at all times.

We are passionate about total customer satisfaction and committed to continual improvement in our performance to meet customer expectations at all times.

Our principal Quality Objectives are to:

 √      Provide a product and service that is always dependable and on time.

√       Deliver to our customers a product and service of the highest quality.

√       Offer and deliver to our customers a product and service that meets their requirements.

√       Apply the highest ethical standards to all our customers.

√       Conduct our affairs in a professional manner with all our customers.

√       Operate to current legislation and regulations.

Our policies, practices and procedures are specified in this Quality Policy and quality improvement objectives are defined and reviewed by management on a regular basis.

Rev A. March 2020. PF0032

ISO Certificates