February 2019

Prolimax Target Market

Prolimax market geography is Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA), with some incremental business in Asia Pacific & Japan (APJ) & the domestic market.

Supporting Non EU Appliance & Storage manufacturers expanding into the EMEA territory for:

– Distribution

– System Integration

– Manufacturing

– Product returns

– European product repair

– Demo & Loan

We offer a “one stop shop” for all IT hardware needs. Our service offering is ideally suited to meet the requirements of North American companies that are now targeting growth via expansion to EMEA region, using outsourced partner capabilities.

Through our own partnership approach we offer extended service elements such as VAT management, WEEE legislative compliance, export/import compliance to ease the burden of market entry for our target clients to the EU region. Through Prolimax service offering and infrastructure capability, our Customers benefit from a flexible, focused and efficient process and expertise that provides a ready to go solution for product and service delivery in EMEA for forward and reverse supply chain requirements.

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