June 2013

MBX Expands EU Logistics & Support Services for Custom Server Appliances

New Partnership with Prolimax Enables Finished OEM/ISV Systems To Be Stocked In The Netherlands for Next-Day EU Delivery; Will Also Cover RMA, Return Logistics & More

LIBERTYVILLE, Ill., June 26, 2013 – MBX Systems, a designer and manufacturer of custom server appliances for OEMs and ISVs, has expanded European logistics and support services for customers with global needs through a partnership with Ireland-based Prolimax. The partnership will enable OEMs and ISVs with hardware program requirements to provide top-tier service to end customers in both North America and Europe without dual-sourcing appliance manufacturing on both continents.

Effective immediately, finished MBX-built appliances destined for EU end customers can be warehoused at Prolimax‘s operations facility in The Netherlands, providing next-day delivery throughout most of Europe. Prolimax will also handle distribution and reverse logistics services, including cross-shipping, for MBX customers who elect to utilize the program. Customers can manage and track all logistics, including shipping, real-time inventory levels and RMAs, through MBX’s password-protected online customer portal.

In addition, Prolimax will assume responsibility later this year for EU returns diagnosis and repair, demo unit management for OEMs that offer customer evaluation programs, and final assembly for vendors that require custom appliance configuration for end customers. MBX also has the option to begin full EU manufacturing and assembly in Prolimax‘s facility as its overseas fulfillment needs expand.

“Our customers are increasingly demanding the same service levels in the EU as we offer in the U.S., particularly for their own platinum service level customers who require services like overnight appliance delivery and on-site support,” said Carl Nothnagel, MBX Director of Operations. “Partnering with Prolimax allows us to duplicate our U.S. service capabilities in Europe reliably, seamlessly and with the scalability we need to support our customers’ global growth.”

MBX selected Prolimax to handle global logistics because of the company’s full range of supply chain services, including distribution, procurement, warehousing, manufacturing, system integration and refurbishment, and a strong customer base including a company requiring custom mobile device configuration for European enterprises.

“For U.S. and Asia-based technology companies like MBX, doing business in the European market requires local logistics and support. It’s all about getting to market and providing problem resolution without the delays of overseas shipments,” said Tom Hogan, Prolimax Director. “By warehousing and supporting MBX-built appliances in Europe, we deliver the speed and responsiveness that OEMs and ISVs demand to serve their end customers in the EU.”

MBX designs and manufactures optimized hardware appliances for customers in more than 40 vertical industries, including data archiving, network storage, data and network security, video applications, gaming, communications and messaging, network monitoring, high performance computing and cloud computing. End users include businesses and institutions ranging from single-shop SMBs to enterprise and Fortune 500 companies.

About MBX Systems

Founded in 1995, MBX Systems is a leading designer and manufacturer of server appliances and optimized systems for application developers and service providers. MBX combines turnkey hardware programs with value-added services delivered through a dedicated account team, including platform configuration, hardware branding, inventory management, global logistics, product support, and system warranties. That unusual range of services, along with quality controls that earned the company Quality Magazine’s 2012 Quality Plant of the Year award, has contributed to rapid expansion of MBX’s footprint in the OEM/ISV server appliance market. For more information, visit or call 800-560-1195.

About Prolimax

Prolimax is a privately owned, ISO 9001:2000 certified IT hardware and supply chain services provider, delivering value-added customer solutions to manufacturers, their channel partners and end users. Its main business segments include Asset & Lifecycle Management, Supply Chain Services and Computer Hardware Resale, with expertise in reverse logistics, asset management, manufacturing, system integration and product redeployment. Global customers and their clients are served from Prolimax‘s headquarters in Shannon, Ireland, and its operations facility in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

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