November 2015

MBX Expands Custom Server Appliance Manufacturing to Europe

MBX Systems, a US-based designer and manufacturer of custom server appliances for OEMs and ISVs, today announced the addition of manufacturing operations in Europe to its existing EU logistics and support services. Both US and EU vendors that deliver their software applications pre-integrated on hardware systems for turnkey deployment can now have appliances built to order in Europe with the same documentation and quality control processes used at the company’s US plant, providing consistency and cost-effective support for global sales needs.
“We have offered warehousing in The Netherlands for systems built in the US, next-day delivery throughout most of Europe, demo unit management, return diagnosis and repairs, and other services in the EU for a number of years, but we’ve seen steadily rising demand for EU manufacturing as our customers’ sales presence in Europe has grown,” said Carl Nothnagel, MBX Vice President of Operations. “Adding production allows us to provide a full complement of post-engineering services to help US customers serve their EU clients in a timely manner as well as to help EU customers access the US market.”

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