August 2018

Interalia Combines USB and Network Controlled iProMOH units into one Platform

Calgary, Alberta, Canada – August 22, 2018 – Interalia’s all new dual channel iProMOH-V5TM provides Music on Hold and Instore music and messaging to enhance customer experience. It combines the features of the existing USB controlled iProMOH SU and the network controlled iProMOH iMCM/V4 into one unit. It is a single platform that provides a perfect solution for a small dynamic company which utilizes Music on Hold content to illustrate its business focus as well as a large enterprise that needs to manage continually changing content for hundreds of locations to reinforce its brand.
In addition, all new to the iProMOH is its ability to receive a web radio stream to be used as music background and it can also output RTP audio streams.
Since the iProMOH is compatible with both analog and digital audio technology, you don’t have to worry about changing units if you change your telecom infrastructure.

Prolimax – Interalia Partner

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