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Interalia is a global leader in music-on-hold (MOH) and message announcement systems with over 250,000 installations worldwide.

Prolimax is Interalia’s EMEA Distributor.

Typical applications of Interalia’s products are:

  • Emergency broadcasts
  • In-store Announcements
  • Auto-Attendant
  • Messaging and Music on Hold
  • ATIS – Auto Terminal Information Service
  • Priority Announcement
  • Triggered Announcement
  • Hotel wake up


iProMOH-SU – Mfg Part no: 41600 (2 channel)

The iProMOH-SU is a digital music and message announcer designed for music-on-hold and iProMOH-SU overhead music and messaging applications.

  • Update content and firmware via USB flash drive
  • Mix and cross fade music and messages for a professional image
  • Schedule up to 10 messages to occur at preset times and dates
  • Mix recorded announcements on live music streams


 SBX2 – Mfg Part no. 43510 (8 port with 60 minutes memory)

A cost effective messaging system targeted to small and medium business. With all the greatSBX2 features of the XMU+ but in a cost effective small form factor. With a friendly Windows based software interface and secure remote management options through TCP/IP, modem, and dial-up, SBX2 offers superior agility and ease-of-use to businesses seeking a versatile but simple messaging solution.

  • Automate and standardize frequently played announcements
  • Broadcast and modify recorded announcements in real-time during emergencies with disaster recovery tools
  • Create playlists that will broadcast on a specific day and time


XMU+ – Mfg Part no. 48062 (Chassis with Control Card & 60 minutes recording time)

A fully featured multitasking messaging platform, capable of expanding with your businesses needs. Whatever your messaging needs, the XMU+ can deliver.XMU+

  • Support messaging for multiple tenants
  • Offload call processing from your voice mail system
  • Provide overflow capabilities and fail over for your PBX
  • Provide messaging to large numbers of caller in queue


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