May 2017

European Support Services

Local solutions for global requirements

Today more and more IT companies offer their products on a global scale. This does however increase the need  for local capabilities even more, driven by service and support and also by customer requirements and simply by demand for your product.

Proximity to market is a key issue in today’s business environment.

To face these challenges companies require local and flexible supply chain solutions to help them serve local customers. Prolimax, with locations in Ireland and The Netherlands – your gateway to Europe – is the first step to setting up a European presence.

We tailor our solutions to best suit your needs. Our focus is to deliver flexible, cost efficient processes to meet all your objectives, local and global. You get the same high quality customer focus and support locally. Prolimax focuses heavily on customer commitment and sets very high standards in meeting our clients’ objectives. We deliver excellent quality processes and we are ISO accredited.

Our core solutions are structured as follows:

  • Project Management  (Fiscal structure, Commercial, Import / Export, –>)
  • Supply Chain (Manufacturing, System integration, Refurbishment, Distribution, –> )
  • Asset Management  (Reverse logistics, RMA, EOL support, –>)
  • Hardware Sale (Systems, Options, Spares, –>)


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