July 2019

Appliance Manufacturing Services

Local solutions for global requirements

Today more and more companies offer solutions on a global scale. This does however increase the need for local capabilities even more. Often driven by service and support but also by your customer requirements. Proximity to market is a key issue in today’s business environment. Good to know that Prolimax can work with you on this. Prolimax offers OEM appliance manufacturers support in creating a local supply chain. Setting up with a European partner enables quick access to local markets for supply and support.

Partnering with Prolimax

Prolimax does not offer appliance manufacturing development services, we leave that up to you. We clearly see ourselves as a local alliance partner to foreign appliance manufacturers. We can provide assembly, test and configuration services required to build your customer solutions.

Local assembly, test and configuration

When you partner with Prolimax you have an instant local hub for building your products. We take care of assembly, test and configuration services per your proprietary build instructions, including imaging of software, packaging requirements etc.

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